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soul reflection

Just like each person has a unique fingerprint, each person has a unique soulprint. In these sessions, I intuitively tune into your soulprint, receive messages from your higher self and my higher self, then translate these messages to you. I'm not telling you who you are, or how to live you life. Rather, I'm illuminating and validating who you already are at essence level, and reflecting that back to you. In other words, I confirm what you already know on some level, but perhaps haven't given yourself permission to acknowledge.  

A soul reflection shows up differently for each person, but the messages tend to present in the form of words, symbols, imagery and blessings. Information received can include insight into your current rite of passage, purpose and the soul gifts that you emanate. The session flows like a conversation, and I frequently check-in with you to see how you are experiencing the reflections. I also address any questions that may arise during the process and offer practical applications. Most importantly, I encourage you to listen and receive in a way that honors the wisdom within your own heart, gut and inner-voice. This is "you-time" and I'm just a mirror to support that. Many of my clients have walked away feeling seen, heard and validated on a deep level, thus contributing to more clarity, alignment with purpose and permission to be who they really are. A permission that I might inspire, but they can only give it to themselves.

Sessions are held over video call or in-person. An arrangement for an event or art installation will be considered upon request. (price varies for events)  

Sessions are available by appointment only.

60-minutes  $120

Want to book a session? Go to the "contact" page on this website. 


(I will consider sliding-scale or trades when appropriate.)