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Painting by Phil Allen

While pursuing an MA in therapy I discovered that I'm a writer and soul guide. I'm fulfilled by providing creative spaces in which people are inspired to be their authentic selves, and supported in shining their grace into the world. I'm continuously awed by the grace that emerges from grit. We all have our pearls born from sediment, and I find that to be both incredibly vulnerable and magnificently precious. I believe in the capacity of the human heart, I believe in miracles, and I believe in "becoming like children". I'm on a path of devotional love and faith in which union with God and the Holy Mother is where my cup is primarily filled, and where I like to serve from. I love devotional singing and dancing, prayer and protecting innocence. I've got a folksy gospel vibe, inventive way of thinking and I love to love. I hold an MA in Dance/Movement Therapy, a certification in Expressive Arts Therapy and training in Nonviolent Crisis Intervention and Conflict Resolution as well as End-of-life Care.