I am Ruby...connected to the life force inside my womb…the treasure, that source of myself and everything that extends from it. I dance for Shiva…I dance the dance of the Vulva…I dance inside the Sphinx…


I am Love. I am divine, source powered, mystoerotic, broken hearted, humbled, LOVE…


I am Geiser. I am clear water reflecting the full spectrum. I channel the marriage of Beloved, of Love Divine, of undying ruby red hot devoted love.


I am a Devotee. I faithfully embody a living bleeding heart of devotion. I am ripe and cracked open like the deep red pomegranate juice seeping from the fruit…Like the crimson blood of the Mother...I am painfully joyous and joyously in grief. I weep...I weep the sweet holy waters of love that is blind.


I am Seer. I see better when I’m blindfolded. I see the unseen. I see symbolism. I gather the gems of wisdom in vision.


I am Priestess. I am fierce, fiery, and unapologetically connected to my sexuality, Soul and self expression…I am raw presence. I am a discerning warrior of a woman. I have a passionate flame in my belly, transmuting Cobra medicine, and healthy boundaries. I am plugged into my vaginal vigor and connection to the source with a non-wavering downward facing sword. I practice radical honesty. I am an advocate for the Soul within myself and within this World. I am an advocate for the Goddess and the Balance of Feminine and Masculine energies on this planet. I support this path with integrity, persistence, intuitive conviction, devotion, and prayer. I am dedicated to practicing and inspiring Reciprocity. I inspire those hungry…hungry for a taste, a taste of that which cannot come with haste.


I am Catalyst. Like Kali's destruction of falsity…I pull you from your shackles…I am WILD. I am heart cracking, ego breaking darkness...devouring waste, devouring rigidity, devouring the old and transforming it with the slip of my lapping red tongue into the new shores of tomorrow. I am an ally to women, I am an ally to the Feminine in everyone. I have a low tolerance for bull shit. I speak my truth, I speak love, I am ruthless, I am loud. Hear me ROAR. Hear me bitch, hear me scream...I am MAD. I am broken open. I am the madness of unconditional love. Feel me pour...Feel me pour over...My cup is forever FULL. I am mad to LIVE.


I am Knight. I have the sharp and penetrating gaze of a Knight that pierces straight into the source of existence. I am Erect in my Dignity. Meticulous and consciously exact in my creations. I SEED with PURPOSE...Seeds from which new life springs forth. I nourish these roots, these sprouted seeds...I bless them for they are new growth for our daily bread.


I am Lalita. I am a playfield...I bring experimentation, I break barriers. I make love with the World...I intimately immerse myself in the subtleties of Eros...I am tickled...I giggle...I deliciously savor the sweetness of Life.


I am Magician. I play in the fertile soils of creative potential...the realm of imagination, vision, and archetypal depth. I caress the edges of time and space.


I am Grandmother Spider. I am a protection bearer...a weaver...a ritualist...a Witch...a wise woman. I weave the ancient mysteries back into this World. I am a facilitator between the Worlds...a Weaver of Worlds. 


I am Woman...of THIS Earth and of THIS Body. I FEEL...I feel the pain...I feel the vast visceral landscape within my own body. I dance, pray, write, shake, cry and scream just to stay Alive...just to stay Supple, just to stay in Love. My Yoni, Womb, Heart and Voice are flowered open to LOVE. I am humbled by my faults and my Soul's persistence in smacking me around with her ruthless love...taking the lead and reminding me to surrender to HER. I am Woman and I am continuously flowing.



I am all of these things and I am none of them simultaneously




"A strong woman artist who is not afraid of herself, her sexuality, passion, symbols, language, who is fearless, willing to take any and all risks, often produces work that is staggeringly beautiful and at the same time frightening, dangerous, something to be reckoned with." -Laura Farabough